Fatra helps Ukraine

Fatra helps Ukraine

The war against Ukraine has taken us all by surprise, shocked us with its brutality and mad us feel unsafe due to its proximity. The world, including the Czech Republic, responded to the Russian aggression with unprecedented solidarity and generosity. Ukraine is fighting for all of us, and anyone with a heart is trying to help in some way and show sympathy to those fleeing their destroyed country.

Our company took a clear stance on the issue and shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we suspended all business activities with Russia as of 25 February 2022. This was followed by the suspension of trade activities with Belarus.

Like others, we felt that this was simply not enough. We organised a collection the proceeds of which we donated, together with our employees, to the victims of this conflict. The collection was focused especially on children and elderly people with health problems.

Our wonderful employees managed to collect more than 113 packages containing drugstore goods, mostly baby diapers, diapers for incontinent adults, as well as small gifts for children. Subsequently, the collection was transferred to the AGROFERT Foundation headquarters, which further distributed it through the People in Need non-profit organisation.

In the following days, we were contacted by the Czech Red Cross Regional Association in Zlín, to whom we delivered 500 bags the very next day so that they could pack goods for those in need. We remain in contact and expect further cooperation.

We have also organised specific help for our agency worker from Ukraine and his family. We arranged transport for his wife and family from the Ukrainian border to Napajedla, a total of 2 women and 2 children. They gradually made it on their own from the Kharkiv area to the border, where we picked them up. While arranging the transfer, we also ensured the conditions for their life in the Czech Republic. We have arranged work in our company for the adults and decent accommodation for everyone.

At the same time, we organised a second collection, which we sent directly to our business partner in Ukraine. Our partner is actively involved in humanitarian aid directly in the affected areas. The collection focused on sleeping bags, blankets and other materials to help with temporary stay in difficult conditions. A total of 40 blankets, 5 mattresses, 3 sleeping bags, 5 bed sheets, 2 packs of diapers and 25 duvets and pillows were collected in our facilities. This cargo, together with 4 pallets of food worth over 120 000 CZK, helped in the Rivne Oblast, in the towns of Klevan and Rivne.

As part of our cooperation with the town of Napajedla, we donated 6 rolls of flooring material for the adaptation of the premises the town was preparing for Ukrainian refugees, mostly mothers with children. The premises are located in the buildings of the former museum and building authority in the town centre.

In addition to the above help and assistance, many of our employees have made private financial contributions to various fundraisers in support of Ukraine or have otherwise been physically involved in direct assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

All these examples show that our company’s motto “we care about the world around us” is much more than an empty phrase. The ongoing solidarity and helpfulness of our workers is admirable. Thank you to everyone who has supported or will continue to support Ukraine.