One of the reasons for using secondary raw materials (plastic waste) is their economic advantage caused by reduced expenditure on material and the generally lower prices of the inputs – recycled products/re-granulates.
Using a higher amount of recycled product in products as an alternative to primary resources usually leads to a lower final price, which aids the competitiveness of the products on the market.

  • We produce re-granulate for injection moulding, blow moulding, and extrusion on modern re-granulation line.
  • Based on customers’ requirements, we can produce re-granulate with desired melt flow index in various colours, including re-granulate containing filling compoundv.
  • We process internal and external waste during production.


  • Stable production process with continuous control
  • Optional colouring of the re-granulate, or supplementation with additives directly during production
  • Production batches – from 5 tons
  • Quality and purity of output materials
  • Individual approach adopted to each order


Processing technology type
MaterialExtrudedInjection mouldedBlow moulded
(LD/HD) PE re-granulatexX
PP re-granulatexX
PP / PE re-granulatexX

processing of regranulate into products

There are two basic reasons for using secondary raw materials (plastic waste:

  • The first is the positive impact on the environment. The sorting and subsequent recycling of secondary raw materials are generally considered to be environmentally friendly pursuits and one of the main pathways to sustainable development. Increased recycling reduces the amount of waste produced that would otherwise end up in landfill and it also reduces the carbon footprint, which can take the form of reduced emissions, electricity, oil or water needed to produce new productsThe second reason is, of course, the economic advantage thanks to the reduction of material intensity and generally lower input prices – recyclate / regranulate. Wider use of recyclate in products as an alternative to primary sources usually results in a lower final price, which contributes to better marketability of products.
Suggested processing technologies for regranulationProducts from re-granulateProduct demonstration
ExtrusionHose-pipes / hoses, pipes
Cable sheathing
Profiles of various shapes
Extruded foils and sheets

Injection mouldingVarious injection-moulded products
Plastic crates, boxes
Floor tiles

Blow mouldingBlow-moulded foils
Garbage bags

packaging – as requested by the customer


  • Leaflet of FATRA Re-granulation
    • Leaflet of FATRA Re-granulation

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