One of the reasons for using secondary raw materials (plastic waste) is their economic advantage caused by reduced expenditure on material and the generally lower prices of the inputs – recycled products/re-granulates.
Using a higher amount of recycled product in products as an alternative to primary resources usually leads to a lower final price, which aids the competitiveness of the products on the market.

  • We produce re-granulate for injection moulding, blow moulding, and extrusion on modern re-granulation line.
  • Based on customers’ requirements, we can produce re-granulate with desired melt flow index in various colours, including re-granulate containing filling compound.
  • We process internal and external waste during production.

Product advantages

  • Continuous quality of inputs – secondary raw materials direct from production.
  • Stable production process with continuous control.
  • Optional colouring of the re-granulate, or supplementation with additives directly during production.
  • Individual approach adopted to each order.

Processed materials


Product advantages

Suggested processing technologies for regranulationProducts from re-granulate
Extrusion Hose-pipes / hoses, pipes
Cable sheathing
Profiles of various shapes
Extruded foils and sheets
Injection moulding Various injection-moulded products
Blow moulding Blow-moulded foils

Purchased materials

Processing technology type
Material Extruded Blow moulded Injection moulded
PE re-granulate xx
LLDPE re-granulate filled with CaCO3xx
PE/PP re-granulate xx
PP re-granulate xx

Color collection


  • Leaflet of FATRA Re-granulation
    • Leaflet of FATRA Re-granulation

Collection of shapes


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