New website for REGRANULATE

New website for REGRANULATE

In order to simplify searching for our products and services, we are creating websites for the individual segments of our production,
This time we are concentrating on regranulation and regranulate.
In this way we support better orientation on our websites. Each one has a description of the given product, the possible uses of the resulting products and also information about services, information about quality and the packaging of products.


Company Fatra expanded its production facilities in 2015 by processing internal and external plastic waste. The new website is devoted to the offering of regranulated polyolefinsand the processing of plastic waste from PP, PE, PP/PE and EVAC.
Thanks to the higher rate of recycling, the amount of the produced waste is reduced. This is why we offer a portfolio in the recycling of plastic and for customer we produce on re-granulating lines plastic re-granulates for injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion with required melt flow index, of various colours, including regranulates with filling compound content. We also buy plastic waste for this purpose.
Read more about re-granulating, the environmental policy of the company and the use of regranulates on:

Fatra is widening in october its portfolio of product webs

  • – BO PET films and laminates for flexible packages and industrial applications
  • – breathable films and laminates for hygiene (baby diapers, sanitary towels, incontinence)
  • – granulate from plasticised and unplasticised PVC – for extrusion / co-extrusion, injection moulding, pressing
  • – traditional PVC formed packages for food and technical purposes
  • – injection moulding on own / supplied moulds + offering of our injected products (plastic crate, floor tiles, plastic plugs, boxes)
  • – foils and sheets from PE (for building and other  applications), antislip foils from EVAC (in shelves and cabinets etc. + for car rugs) and PET sheets (chairmats)