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            Injection-moulding technology is utilized to manufacture final products or semi-products or components for eventual assembly as a unit. Items made by injection-moulding are characterized by extreme accuracy in dimensions and shape, with high reproducibility in mechanical and physical properties. The injection-moulding process involves the following procedure: plastic in the form of granulate is placed into a hopper, from which it is removed by a piston worm on the injection-moulding machine and carried to a melting chamber, where the plastic is exposed to friction and heat and transformed into melt. The melt is injected into the mould cavity until it is full, whereby it takes on the cavity’s shape. This is followed by change in dimension and reduction in pressure phase shrinkage. The plastic transfers its heat to the mould, hardening to become the final product through this cooling action. Afterwards, the mould is opened, the product removed and the process repeated.