The processed material is crushed and transported by conveyor to a sinter unit, where it is crushed again and centrifuged directly to an extruder. In the heated extruder, a rotating screw transports the material to a hot melt filter. Concurrently, the material is  homogenized and plasticized.
Plastic melt purified in the filter is transported by an adapter to a cascade extruder zone. In the extruder, the screw conveys the material further to a granulator through a heated cylinder. When doing so, any gases generated in printed, wet or organic material are eliminated by a degassing process. The plastic melt in the granulator is pressed through an injection plate. Melt strands are then cut off, captured in a water stream, cooled down and subsequently dried. The resultant granulate is conveyed to a reservoir, from which it is filled or conducted to mixing silos and then packed.